Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Grundtvig Project in Service Training Teacher Center

Cep Tomelloso is a in service training center that are involved in lot of european project

Cep tomelloso is the coordinator of an ambitious Grundtvig European Project called Towards a European Teacher Portfolio (In search of the non academic key –competences that any European teacher should get during his/her lifelong learning).
The project aims to develop the sentiment of “being a European teacher” in our different communities through projects and research into non academic key competences – of teachers.Finally all the partnership will have as a product a European Teacher Portfolio about all the non academic key –competences that any European teacher should have and ways of training to get those non academic-key competences.

We will look at the similarities and differences between different areas of Europe. They will share what we have learned about the right non academic key competences of European Teachers by displaying our results in public institutions in any country At the end, The grundtvig partnership will reach that European Teacher Portfolio of non academic key competences and will offer solutions, ways, and ideas of training or courses to reach these competences.

More Info http://towardsaneuropeanteacherportfolio.wordpress.com/category/general/

All the docs are in http://towardsaneuropeanteacherportfolio.wordpress.com/key-documents-links/

Summary of the project.Spanish Version in http://www.cprtomelloso.net/~linguistica2/?p=131

Summary Video made by Julio Olmedo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TbApEwj7ew